At Cottonsoft, we strive for constant improvement in product, service, safety, quality, operational efficiency and reducing our environmental impacts. We focus on employee health and safety, developing and nurturing skills, and embracing new methods of sustainability to help us exceed customer and consumer expectations.

Cottonsoft is committed to delivering a quality product on time and at a great price.

Every one of our employees subscribes to and takes personal responsibility to achieve this goal. Our documented quality system focuses on:

  • Testing raw materials against specification
  • Product quality checks against process control standards (at every level of production)
  • Always meeting customer service targets.

Cottonsoft benchmarks all its products against comparable New Zealand and international products to ensure we meet or exceed their standards and that we deliver the very best range of products to the consumer.

Most Cottonsoft manufactured products are certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) – the international forest certification system that assures our products come from sustainable sources.

A significant number of our retail products are licenced to display the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) ecolabel, giving our customers complete peace of mind on our sustainable responsibility. The ECNZ ecolabel gives certainty that you are making a better environmental choice.

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Cottonsoft has the Zero Harm philosophy embedded in its safety values and systems.

Health and Safety is part of ‘what we do’ at Cottonsoft. Cottonsoft achieved ACC WSMP Secondary level accreditation in 2014.

  • We believe that all accidents are preventable and that it is important that our staff be in a safe workplace and go home without injury.
  • Our employees embrace this concept as a personal and collective responsibility. Our Health and Safety system is based on behavioural safety, and includes the principles of policy, planning, consultation, implementation and review.
  • We set targets and objectives against national and international standards and benchmarks.
  • We foster and encourage good health and safety behaviours with our staff, believing that Health and Safety is a shared responsibility needing everyone’s involvement.

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